We offer a range of black and white masterbatch to suit a wide variety of applications, ranging from pipes, appliances, packaging films, which need to be comply with international standards. Our range can also be used for injection moulding that require a high gloss finish and an excellent dispersion. Beyond the standard-range we are able to respond to custom requirements.


WHITPLAST® white masterbatch are available both for processing by injection moulding, as well as by extrusion for making films or other items. For white masterbatches, we only use premium-quality of titanium dioxide TiO2 that has been given a special coating for the final application. This results in products that combine superb temperature stability with outstanding dispersion.

Calco PE based grades show excellent performance in most critical requirements when used in Multilayer, monolayer HMHDPE and LLDPE rich films with excellent gloss and whiteness. Typically, these include moderate to high loading of pigments.

Calco premium grades WHITPLAST Masterbatch are made from carefully selected additives that ensure migration free film, without affecting coefficient of friction of the film. We also provide grades with low loading of 8% to a very high loading of 75% pigment for excellent opacity and whiteness, without affecting other critical properties such as surface treatment, migration of additives and ease of processing at very high loading.

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We developed our range of black masterbatch BLAKPLAST® to suit a wide variety of applications ranging from pipes, water tanks and packaging films, injection moulding, blow moulding, monofilament and HDPE pipes.

We use the best quality carbon black and have a range of over 100 black masterbatch formulations, some with carbon loading of upto 55% in different grades and shades.

With the tendency of Carbon Black to form aggregates, also known as structure – the performance of black masterbatches primarily depends on the dispersion of carbon black in the carrier resin.

We use specialty additives and processing aids, which causes carbon black to get dispersed easily and uniformly in carrier resin.

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• Uniform particle size thus better mixing.
• Very High Jetness.
• High Brightness & shining.
• More Wheatherability properties.
• Excellent dispersion with polymer.
• No Issues of bleed or bloom.


• Automotive Compounding.
• Injection Molding, Blow Molding & Roto molded tanks.
• Cable sheathing compounds.
• Non specification pipes, drainage pipes, conduits.
• P type for pressure pipes.
• Specification pipes including laterals for drip irrigation, conduits, compounding.
• Films including garbage bags.
• Mulch Films & Geo Textiles.