special effect masterbatches functional area and have become an essential part of Social developments and associated colour trends are constantly being researched.Selected colours are refined by special effect pigments and make the end product unique and worthy. The result of our effort and expertise is our metallic effect masterbatch series appreciated by branded product manufacturer consumer products as well as plastic processors.

Fluorescent .

Fluorescent masterbatches contain fluoresc which not only possess the colors it reflects but also emit fluorescent light
in different colors. Fluorescent masterbatches are primarily used in products like toys, shopping bags, safety signs, various stationary products, cosmetics packaging.
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Pearlescent masterbatches contain pearl pigment that produce luster/sparkle effect and is available in various colors and particle size. Pearlescent masterbatch are primarily used in products like toys, cosmetic packaging, and molded products.

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Marble masterbatches are primarily used in furniture, household products. They possess marble and granite effect.

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Metallic .

Metallic masterbatch gives good metallic finish in silver, gold, bronze and different combination of colors. Different applications include laminated tarpaulin, automobile parts, shopping bags, electrical and electronics equipments.

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• Household
• Cosmetics
• Furnitures
• Lubricants
• Fertilizers
• Automotives