Calco has wide range of colored concentrates ColrPLAST to be used in different plastic processors. These masterbatches are produced with a maximum loading of high-quality pigments. Select from our wide range of 1000’s colors or suggest us a new color or even give us any shade (including Pantone shade), for their final product we can develop it especially for you.

Colour masterbatches are used in blow moulded bottles, injection moulding household items and insulation of cables.


Calco’s experience in the production of colour masterbatch is reflected in an outstanding way by our comprehensive range of colour and polymer combinations. Upon request, our colour masterbatch is adapted to conform exactly to specific customer requirements.

In several application areas, we are the global market leader with our premium-quality colour masterbatch and can boast a high level of appreciation on the part of numerous top-level brands from the food, cosmetics and lifestyle industries.


Calco’s ColrPLAST masterbatches combine affordability with quality and are perfectly suited to the production of everyday items. These colours masterbatches are free from lead and heavy elements and are food-grade. The good opacity makes it possible to achieve an excellent colour match.

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• In comparison to raw pigments, masterbatch allows for higher accuracy of controlling the opacity or transparency of final product.
• Additive ingredients are also ncluded in masterbatch, which means there is a minimal chance of variance during the manufacturing process.
• Masterbatching gives better color consistency in end products.
• Melting processes are improved in masterbatch because binding agents are matched with polymers being used.
• Masterbatch are not airborne, whereas pigments can become airborne during processing, which allows them to contaminate adjacent manufacturing lines.

There are other many reasons to consider masterbatch besides the above advantages.


• Blown film & lamination.
• PP raffia/Yarn.
• PP non-woven fabric.
• Blow molding.
• Sheet Extrusion
• HDPE/PP pipe extrusion.
• Polyester and Nylon yarn.
• EPE Foam
• Automotives
• Electrical & Electronics